Kurihara Group
Department of Physics and Applied Physics, Waseda University
55N03-04B, 3-4-1 Okubo, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, 169-8555

Research Topics

2016 Doctoral Research (PhD)

Shimpei Goto Numerical Analyses of Ground States in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Yurika Kubo Nonlinear Interactions and Magneto-Thermal Transports in Antiferromagnets

2016 Graduate Research (BSc)

Kota Ibukuro Ultracold Atoms in a Square-octagon Optical Lattice

2016 Graduate Research (MSc)

Risa Miyazawa Theory of Heavy Fermion Superconductivity with Interorbital Pairing

2015 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Shun Okumura Persistent Skyrmion Lattice and its Dynamics in Spin-Orbit Coupled Triple Quantum Wells
Daijiro Dambara "Magnetic Monopole" Order in Anisotropic Pyrochlore Lattices
Kiyu Fukui Symmetry and Phase Transition of Odd-Frequency Superconductor in Magnetic Feild

2014 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Noriaki Sannomiya Magnetization of the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromaget
Risa Miyazawa Multigap states in electric-field-induced superconductivity
Shohei Maruyama Photonic crystals with multiple Dirac dispersion

2014 Graduate Research (MSc)

Naoto Nakamura Superfluidity and pseudospin magnetism in the Hubbard model

2013 Doctoral Research (PhD)

Keisuke Masuda Theory of multi-orbital superconductivity in strongly correlated electron systems

2013 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Takahiro Kurosu Majorana edge states in quasi-one-dimensional s-wave superconductors
Yumi ShiraiSpin Structures of the Simplest Multiferroics with Vector Chiral States
Yusuke SugitaGap structures of noncentrosymmetric superconductors
Takuya Hatomura Spontaneous Two-Triplon Decays in Dimerized Heisenberg Antiferromagnets on the Triangular Lattice

2013 Graduate Research (MSc)

Tomonori Azuma Stability of Bose-Einstein condensates with superfluid flow in 2D optical superlattices
Yurika Kubo Nonlinear Effects on Spin Conductivities in Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnets
Shimpei Goto Topological insulating phases induced by correlation effects
Hiroki Yamamura Collective excitation and stability of superfluid Fermi gases

2012 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Naoto Nakamura Larkin-Ovchnnikov Phase of a Fermi- Fermi mixture in an One- dimensional Optical Lattice
Seita Nishii Spin transport driven by non-trivial Z2 invarients

2011 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Yurika Kubo Spin Thermal Conductivity in Quantum Magnets
Shimpei Goto Local Density of States near the Junction between Different Topological Insulators
Hiroki Yamamura Stability of Superfluid Fermi Gases with Population Imbalance

2011 Graduate Research (BSc)

Ryohei Yaginiwa Critical velocity of superfluid Bose gases in optical lattices: A variational Monte Carlo study

2010 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Tetsuya Yamamoto Phase Separation in a Trapped Atomic-Molecular Mixture
Mitsutaka Shibata The dynamics of atom-molecule Bose-Einstein condensate

2010 Graduate Research (MSc)

Shingo Adachihara Metal-Insulator Transition in Metal Oxides
Takao Nomura Half Semi-metallicity in Zigzag Edged Graphene Nanoribbons
Jun Nishii Impurity Scattering Problem in One-Dimensional System of Bosons
Taiga Murayama Attenuation of Collective Oscillation in a System of Two Species Fermions
Keisuke Masuda Coherence Effect in Multiband Superconductors

2009 Under Graduate Research (BSc)

Ayumu Iwasa Magnetism of Nano Adclusters on a Ferro Magnetic Layer
Koichi Ogata Off-Diagonal Long Range Order of Solid 4He
Yuushi Kitao Phase Transition from Superfluid to Supersolid
Ryohei Yaginiwa Orbital Degree of Freedom and Superconductivity

2009 Graduate Research (MSc)

Yoshihiro Yunomae Stability of Two Component Superfluid Fermi Gases in Optical Lattices

2009 Doctoral Research (PhD)

Daisuke Yamamoto Green's Function Theory for Spin Systems

2008 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Shingo Adachihara Orbital Dependency of Metal-Insulator Transition
Wataru Kudo Spin Polarization in Two-Dimentional Quantum Dots
Takao Nomura Edge Magnetization of Zigzag-Ribbons in Electric Fields
Keisuke Masuda An Analysis of the Superconductivity in the Two-Band Hubbard Model

2008 Graduate Research (MSc)

Ryoko Ichihara Stability of Bose-Einstein Condensates in a Doble-well Potential
Kentaro Osawa 0-π transition induced by the Fano effect
Jun Nakabayashi Selective Scattering in a Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbon

2007 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Jun Nishii Currents through Y-junction with half metalic leads
Yoshihiro Yunomae Stability of Superfluid Fermi Gases in Optical Lattices

2007 Graduate Research (MSc)

Daisuke Yamamoto Green's Function Theory for Quantum Spin Systems: A Pseudospin Representation of the t-J Model
Yuuki Terakawa Effect ofquantum fluctuations on bose-einstein condensation of bilayer atomic gases in rapid rotation

2006 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Ryoko Ichihara Bose-Einstein Condensation in One-Dimensional Double Well Potential
Kentaro Osawa Theoretical Analysis of Supercurrent through a Quantum Complex System
Kenji Tashiro Collective Excitations in an One-Dimensional Spinor Bose System
Jun Nakabayashi Klein Paradox in Carbon Nanotubes

2006 Graduate Research (MSc)

Kazuhisa Suzuki Spin accumulation caused by confining potential in a two- dimensional electron
Hiroyuki Shibata Collective Modes and Stability of Bose-Fermi Mixtures with a BCS-BEC Crossover

2006 Doctoral Research (PhD)

Kenji Kamide Theory of Phase Transition and Quantum Transport in Interacting One Dimensional Electron Systems
Ippei Danshita Bose-Einstein Condensation in Non-uniform Systems Model
Nobuhiko Yokoshi Josephson Current and Current Noise through Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid

2005 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Kiyohito Iigaya Landau Damping in Moving Dilute Bose Gases
Yuki Terakawa Vortices in a Disk-Shaped Superconductor
Daisuke Yamamoto Effective Hamiltonian for Strongly Correlated Quantum Systems

2005 Graduate Research (MSc)

Kyota Egawa Vortices in an Attractive Bose Einstein Condensate
Yuji Tsukada Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid in a Ladder Model
Yusuke Yamaguchi Decoherence of Superconducting Flux Qubits

2005 Doctoral Research (PhD)

Hiroyuki Yoshimoto Collective Excitations and Thermo-electric Transports in Low Dimensional Fermi Systems

2004 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Hiroyuki Shibata BCS-BEC Crossover of Neutral Alkali Atomic Gases with Feshbach Resonance
Kazuhisa Suzuki The Effects of Spin-Orbit Coupling in a Single Election Quantum Dot
Norikazu Naruse Spin Hall Effect

2004 Graduate Research (MSc)

Ippei Danshita Tunneling Phenomena in Bose-Condensed Systems
Itaru Yanagi Bosonization Approach to the Edge Reconstruction in a Two-Dimensional Quantum Dot
Masato Yamaguchi Superconductivity in Carbon-Nanotube Ropes

2003 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Kyota Egawa Quantum vortex in spin-1 bose systems
Yuji Tsukada Tunneling of spin-polarized Luttinger Liquid
Yusuke Yamaguchi Decoherence in two-level systems under bosonic environment
Yoshinori Watanabe Boson-Fermion mixtures in optical lattice

2003 Graduate Research (MSc)

Kazuhiro Kanai Phenomenalism of phase transitions of smectic liquid crystal
Kenji Kamide Zeeman Effect on Resonant Tunneling in Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid
Shunji Takei Josephson effect and Tomasch oscillation in SNINS junction
Nobuhiko Yokoshi Josephson current through spin-polarized Luttinger Liquid

2002 Undergraduate Research (BSc)

Ippei Danshita Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensation in an Optical Trap (MicrosoftPowerPoint file)
Itaru Yanagi Electron-Phonon Scatterings in an Elliptic Quantum Dot(MicrosoftPowerPoint file)
Masato Yamaguchi Superconductor-Insulator Transition in 1-Dimensional Quantum Systems(MicrosoftPowerPoint file)

2002 Graduate Research (MSc)

Bernhard Hikaru Valtan Collective Excitations of Bose-Fermi Superfluid Mixtures (MicrosoftPowerPoint file)
Yuhei Saito Entanglements in Superconducting Magnetic-Flux Q-bits(MicrosoftPowerPoint file)
Yujiro Yanai Coexistence of Superconducting- and Charge-density-wave- order in 2-Dimensional Hubbard Model(MicrosoftPowerPoint file)

2001 Undergraduate Research

Kazuhiro Kanai A phase transition between smectic-CA and -C phase in liquid crystals
Kenji Kamide Renormalization group analysis for carbon nanotube electronic systems
Shunji Takei I-V characteristics for superconducting networks under magnetic field
Nobuhiko Yokoshi Effects of phonon exchanges on phase separated 3He-4He mixture films

2001 Graduate Research (MSc)

Yuishiro Okano Microwave operations in a qubit with a small Josephson-junction circuit
Yukiko Kosaka Dynamics of crowds in a panic
Shunji Tsuchiya Quantum Vortex Dynamics in 2-Dimensional Josephson Junction Arrays
Hiroki Matsumoto Quantum computing and coherence
Daigo Yoshida Josephson effects in superfluid 3He